Digital marketing

We live in the digital era

We live in times of rapid transformation from analog to digital, we consume digital content daily and companies that have not yet recognized this in their marketing strategies need to adapt quickly.

Nowadays, a digital marketing strategy is essential if you are to create real successful businesses.

And, this is where digital marketing can make a difference. Why is digital marketing so important?

In Portugal, with about 11 million inhabitants:
• 7 million use the internet;
• 25% shop online;
• 63% use a smartphone;
• 79% are online daily;
• around 6 million are active users of Facebook (1.4 billion worldwide);
• 40 minutes is the average usage time of Facebook per day per user.

That being said, it's a huge, low-cost audience. Advertising on Facebook is, at this time, the best and most economical way to do mass advertising.

The digital methods of communication and marketing are faster, versatile, practical and simple. But one of the key benefits is the ease with which results can be monitored, being able to quickly see customer response rates and measure the success rate of a real-time campaign, which then leads to more effective planning of the campaign. next campaign.

We live in the digital age and companies that do not embark on this technology are in danger of being forgotten and disappearing in the future.

Advantages of digital marketing:
Greater Segmentation: possibility of creating content targeted to the target audience of the company;
Cheap: The cost of online campaigns is much lower than the cost of advertising in traditional media;
Measurable: easy to measure the results of your digital marketing strategy:
Monitoring changes in consumer behavior: consumer behavior changes constantly and through digital marketing strategies it is easier to perceive these changes;
Faster results: speed in obtaining and analyzing the results of each campaign;
Adjustable: The ability to measure the results in real time is to see if an action is generating results or not, and allows you to change the settings of the marketing strategy to increase results;
Broad reach: the online world is the big bet for anyone who wants to expand their business, since it is now visible worldwide, overcoming the barriers of distance, and making company campaigns reach any part of the world, addressing more consumers and expanding markets.

But attention, digital marketing is much more than social networking, facebook, email marketing and or "branded content"!

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